Thursday, December 17, 2009

Cold and Snow

Well as Christmas time approaches there really isnt a lot to discuss when it comes to getting out on the trails and riding, expecially when you live in Nebraska.  ANYHOW, we look forward to warmer weather and the change to get some riding in as early and as often this year as possible. 

You all have a blessed Christmas and Happy New Year....


Monday, August 10, 2009

Totally Swamped

This part of the summer always becomes a total BUSY mess. Riding is a casuality of the busy schedule but we hope to be on the TACO Ride this week. We'll do a lot more unscheduled riding as well, let us know when you are going out and maybe we can make a group of it...

Wednesday, July 29, 2009


No TACO Ride this week for Alpha or Omega.

Monday, July 27, 2009

Week of July 27th...

We'll be at Zorinsky on Monday, Taco Ride on Thursday and yet to be determined on Saturday this week.

Get off the PORCH,

Big Dog

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Wild Dogs at the Corporate Cycling Challenge

If anyone is interested in riding in the Corporate Cycling challenge with the Wild Dogs please let me know. All of the details are in the link below. Registration is due by the end of the month.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Stuck on the Porch

We'll be stuck on the porch this week as there is way too much going on and several of us will be out of town on the weekend. We'll be back at it on the 20th at 6:30pm at Zorinsky.

Good Luck to all of you riding in RAGBRI this year, have fun. Maybe the DOGS will be involved next year.

Big Dog

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Taco Ride Thursday

Just a reminder we'll be out on the Taco Ride on this coming Thursday. We'll be at the trail head at 6:15, see you there.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Three NEW DOGS - Welcome

We welcomed a Pit Bull, a Bull Dog and a Grey Hound to the club tonight.

We had a fun filled ride tonight with a nice pack of DOGS at Zorinsky tonight. Steve (Grey Hound) Stang, Sabra (Bull Dog) Mackey and little Olivia (Pit Bull) Mackey all took their initiation tonight. Of course the Big Dog forgot his camera, so picture to come next time.

The Pack is growing, let the fun begin...

Big Dog

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Taco Ride and Saturday Morning

Another successful ride on the Waubash tonight, Alpha, Boomer and Omega had a nice time, some good food, met some interesting people, had a couple of beers and got a little exercise, what more could yo ask for???

We are riding Saturday morning leaving the north end of the Keystone Trail at Democracy Park just south of 87th and Fort around 8:30AM, hope to see you there..

Big Dog...

Tuesday, June 23, 2009


WOW, it was a hot one last night at Zorinsky. We put off the ride until 7:30 so it could cool down a bit, it made it a whole degree cooler than it would have been had we started normal time. With all the heat the trail was a little less busy and that was nice. We'll be riding again on Thursday for the TACO Ride and either Saturday or Sunday morning this weekend.

Hope to see you there...


Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Monday Night Zorinsky Ride

Omega and Alpha made the ride and we made it into a workout which was good, it was a little windy which made it more of a challenge. 30 minutes and 40 seconds was the best I could do on our second lap, I am sure I kept OMEGA back a bit, you see he glides through the wind a little better than the Big Dog. (not to mention he's in much better shape) BUT we did work up a lather. We'll at least that gives me something to shoot for next time. No WIND is probably a 3 or 4 minute freebie.

The trail was a little crowded too, several walkers and riders with not much knowledge on how to keep yourself safe on the trail, oh well, thats why we try and go elsewhere on whe weekends cause its MORE crowded then.

WITH ALL that being said this trail is the perfect trail for someone just starting out and maybe not into doing a long or quick ride. If you havent been there its basically 2 big loops, kind of like a figure 8. Each loop is somewhere around 3.75 miles or so, you can easily do any combination you like and any distance you like.

We'll be riding again on Thursday for the world famous TACO RIDE....

Be Safe Out There - Big Dog

Saturday Morning Marathon - WELCOME TIM

The Saturday Morning Marathon was a good ride and the weather was nice. Eric, Tim Taylor and myself set off headed south (with the wind) and made pretty good time with one break at St Mary's. Democracy to Culvers and back was 26.7 miles according to my computer but the trip back felt like 20 due to the wind out of the north. Actually on the Keystone south of Q Street you are kind of exposed to the wind and elements, once we got back north of L street the ride was a bit easier. We DID get a workout and best of all we initiated ONE MORE WILD DOG....

Welcome TIM TAYLOR to the WILD DOGS, we just need to figure out his nickname now...

Be Safe Out There - Big Dog

Thursday, June 11, 2009

TACO's Tonight - WDSMM on Saturday

Taco ride tonight, meeting at the trailhead at 6pm.

Saturday - Wild DOGS Saturday Morning Marathon - 26 mile ride.
We'll take off from Democracy park and go south 13 miles, somewhere around Culvers in Bellevue and then come on back. Join us, if 26 is a little much for your first ride you can abbreviate it to a ST Mary's 10 mile ride...

See you on the trail...


Monday, June 8, 2009

Zorinsky Ride

What a great night for a ride, the sun came out just as we were hitting the trail. The wind was out of the north a bit and we rode clockwise, saw a few deer and the trail wasn't to congested with the exception of a couple of times on the dam. Rode with Tim Taylor, Dutch and Lucy, its always better riding in a group. Dutch and Lucy took off after the first lap and Tim and I hit the second one right after Dutch asked if anyone needed an extra tube, nope, we are good. Well we were but we Tim did have a flat a couple of miles into it.... HUMMMMMM....

We'll see you on the trails - BIG DOG

Location Change Tonight - 6/8/09

We may be moving locations tonight so call first if you want to ride... 320-2179 - Democracy Park (North end of Keystone Trail) OR Zorinsky (156th st entrance by the flag pole)...

Big Dog

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Taco Ride - June 4th - Welcome CRASH

Welcome our newest member - Epsilon, Matty "CRASH Dog" Hilding. He's ready to run with the pack and his first ride was quite memoriable. A little quick turn off the trail toward the steak house combined with a little speed and a little gravel caused a little tumble. Thank's to Crash's cat like reflexes he didn't get TOO skinned up or hurt. The bike was another story (see pic below) BUT thanks to a kid from the BIKE RACK we were able to nurse it back up the trail and safely home.
The TACO Ride was interesting as usual and there is always quite a few things to see on the ride. Lots of GRID lock trying to take an alternate route via the South Omaha Bridge trying to avoid an accident on the interstate. L Street east from about 50th is more blocked up with construction and slower than any accident would have been. We'll post a few pics here and the rest can be seen at our picassa site at the link listed below these pictures or to the right on our blog.


How CRASH got his Wild Dogs nickname

Crash, Boomer and the 3 Legged Dog


Until Next Time - Safe Riding - BIG DOG

ALL Taco Ride Pictures :

Monday, June 1, 2009

Welcome to the "PACK"

Welcome Corey "Fuzz" Dog Clements and Corey "Dirty" Dog Williams to the pack. We are now a pack of FIVE and ready to expand our territory. See you THURSDAY, Taco's anyone?


The Zorinsky 16

Well the rain stayed away for most of the night. Omega and me wanted to make it the Zorinsky 24 but the lightning started up and it started looking VERY crappy so we called it a night. Some pixs from our ride tonight. See you Thursday on the Taco Ride - Meet in the park by the trail head, shooting for 5:45 depending on traffic.

Headin to the Trail - The SUN IS out.

Wild DOGS on the Zorinsky Trail

The Big Dog with a little sweat on his brow.

More Wild Dogs on the Zorinsky Trail

3 Legged and our newest member FUZZ Dog.

Safe Riding - TACOS ANYONE....

Rain Rain Has GONE AWAY - Yahoo

The Zorinsky 16 tonight at 6pm - South west corener park by the flag pole...


Sunday, May 31, 2009

2nd Annual Hy-Vee Double Bagger

WHAT a FUN time.

You know we came across this link somewhere or the other and decided to give it a try. We had
a great time and met a handful of new friends.


The "Baggers" on the Bridge to Nowhere

We pulled into the 132nd St HyVee for the ride and found ourselves in a group of about 12 riders. Kick off time was to be 10am and when we left at 10:30 or so I knew this was my kind of group. The pace was perfect and the breaks were perfect and the beer breaks were perfect and the stop at SCHMEDLEYS Driving range for refreshments and relaxation was a highlight. By the time we had made 7 or 8 miles and our second Hy-Vee I think there were about 4 tire changes,

Changing tires again on the Bagger Ride

thankfully the rest of the ride was pretty uneventful as far as breakdowns or issues go. (with the exception of yours truly about becoming ROAD MEAT cruising down maple street) The ride went well, combining some street riding with some neighbor tours and the West Papio and Keystone Trail.

Dutch, the guys who put this on, is a good guy, keeping the spirit up during the ride and not getting too serious about it. You know, had we pulled up and found a bunch of guys all decked out in uniforms and on road bikes we probably would have turned around and made our own ride for the day.

The "Baggers" at a Hy-Vee (hummmm)

The ride ended up being about 50 miles and in the end we had pretty much canvased Omaha west of 72nd St. You can see our actual route and more details on Go Dutch GO by accessing the link on the right.

There are always a few lessons learned.
1. Always come prepared to ride in the dark, you never know how long a ride might actually take.
2. Always carry a spare or two or three.
3. Take a sharper angle when crossing the seam in the street.

We'll be out Monday at 6pm at Zorinsky for our regular Monday night ride. We'll go 16 with the option of 8 for any first timers or the option of 4 for anyone bringing there kids. See you there.

Safe Riding - BIG DOG

Here are a few more pictures of the ride and the rest of our pictures can be seen by clicking the link under "Ride Pictures" in the right hand column of this site.

Eric and Bob

The Big Dog

Another Hy-Vee

FORE... Action at Schmedley's

Taylor and Dutch

Jodi and Greg at the "Beer Under I-80 Stop"

Dutch and Greg

Johnny "Paradise"

Eric, Zach and April relaxing at Schmedley's

Alpha and Omega
A LONG Day but a Fun Day - Who's Ready for Bed

Another Hy-Vee - Leaving there at 10:30 PM :-)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Taco Ride is Impressive

Wow, Wow.... Until you've experienced it you wont quite understand. It's almost like a CULT following; Mom's, Dad's, Son's, Daughters, Skinny, Fat, Old, Not So Old - They are ALL there.

We made our maiden voyage on the Taco Run on Thursday night and it was VERY enjoyable and really lived up to the expectation. The Ride itself is a decent challenge, I am not saying its HARD by any stretch but its not quite the same as riding 10 miles down the Keystone trail on concrete. There is a steady slight up grade going toward the middle of the route where Margaritiville is from both directions. Obviously things that go up must go down and the downward push into Minneola can get pretty quick, same for the downward push back to Lewis Central. Fantastic Ride and although there were LOTS of folks there you were NEVER crowded on the trail.

We had to wait about 20 minutes or so at Minneola to actually get into the bar so we could get back out to the beer garden. It really wasn't that big of deal but it did get to the point after we had sat there for a while that the bar was at MAXIMUM capacity so they couldn't let more in until more filed out. I am guessing MAX Capacity was probably 400 or in that ballpark. Beers were cold, Taco's were good. We met MARK, a veteran and his buddies at the bar, friendly people.

A great ride and a great trip, the trail was smooth, and well maintained. - We'll be back again next week, looking at a 6pm departure at the trail head.

The ONLY negative I could see over the entire night is that some riders were not wearing helmets and a few didn't have tail lights. Please, if you decide to join us or go on your own, wear a helmet, have a headlight and have a taillight or ride with someone who does.

Some Pictures from the Ride.

Alpha and Omega :-)

Margaritaville on the way down.


Taco's on the TACO Ride

Outside the Minneola Steak House

Safe Riding, see you next Time - BIG

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Omaha Double Bagger - Saturday May 30th

We are looking at the Omaha Double Bagger on Saturday the 30th. There is a link posted on the right for more details. I am looking at the shorter "bail out" ride and I think OMEGA may have a little more interest in the longer ride. I dunno, sometimes he can be a little CRAZY, just like a 3 Legged Dog.

Sunday night we'll probably make our traditional ride around Zorinsky to top off the weekend. Here's hoping for good weather and fun riding.

As always let us know if you'd like to join us.


Taco Ride this Thursday

The Wild Dogs Bike Club will be making their inaugrial trip on the infamous Taco Ride on this coming Thursday night. We'll depart from the Iowa School for the Deaf at approximately 6:30pm. See the EVENTS links on the right hand column for the link for the Taco Ride. Let us know if you want to join us.

Friday, May 15, 2009


Welcome to the future site of Wild DOGS Bicycling Club...